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Our published articles:
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October 2017
The Western Front Association magazine “Stand To!”
No 110
(pp 17-22)
To Pardon or Not to Pardon ?
The Twenty Five Great War Canadians Shot at Dawn
Part 1

November 2014: Article on "Far From Home"
written by Dan Black Editor of the
Canadian "Legion"™ Magazine


September 2014: The Western Front Association magazine
'Stand To!' No 101
(pp 36 – 43)

The 'Khaki University of Canada' in The Great War
A grand experiment.

Dec 2011/Jan 2012:
The Western Front Association magazine
‘Stand To! ‘ No 93
(pp 36-45)

Walter Fuller’s War
One soldiers’ story.

June/July 2011:
The Western Front Association magazine
‘Bulletin’ No. 90

Far From Home
A study of WW1 Canadians commemorated in the UK

October 2007: The London Journal of Canadian Studies
Vol 23: ‘Canada At War & Peace’

En Route to Flanders Fields:
The Canadians at Shorncliffe During The Great War”

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