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Individual CD-Roms

The completion of this whole project is anticipated to be at a point during 2018.

It is possible to request an Individual CD-Rom for a name on our Canadians Commemorated list.

The Individual CD-Rom will contain the same personal profile and memorial picture as on the county CD-Roms, plus other pages of interest.

However, a few graves and their locations may not yet have been visited and photographed by the authors. Under these circumstances, photographs would be sent at a later date immediately they are available. For publication dates, please refer to “Our Catalogue” page.

Please ensure that when ordering an “Individual CD-Rom”, you identify the correct name and location from our listing, particularly where there are multiple same surnames.

The fee for this service is £5.00 plus the appropriate postage.

For anyone wishing to take advantage of this new opportunity, simply email us using the following address:


The authors are happy to help identify soldiers prior to processing an order as no refunds can be given if the wrong name is ordered.

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