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This study is entitled “Far From Home” as it reflects the sentiment that, for many of the Canadians who are buried on this side of the Atlantic, there was often a family back in Canada. Frequently, those families never saw their loved one again after he or she embarked on the voyage that brought them to England and into the most brutal War in living memory.

The series of CD-Roms features World War One Canadian graves in 868 different locations across Britain. They are offered by County using the pre-1974 boundaries, as these correspond to the references within the CWGC files. In certain cases, large numbers of graves or locations within a single county, will be published in two parts. In total, the number of available volumes offered will eventually reach 100, thus facilitating reduced prices for the CD-Roms. The range will save our customers buying a much larger volume when they may only be interested in one particular soldier, sailor or nurse.

There is a header page for every location with a picture and description of each Church or Cemetery. Where space permits, additional photographs or points of interest about a particular place or casualty have been included. A profile for every individual has been compiled alongside the photograph of his or her headstone. The Canadian flag and memorial cross on each grave represents the authors unique signature. Often for interest, the authors have compiled extensive files on soldiers who were either buried in remote churchyards, had an unusual story to research, or strong family connections to the locality. You are invited to email and enquire what additional unpublished information (if any) we may hold on a particular person.

The complete listing of all the volumes showing the counties covered and estimated publication date can be accessed by clicking here. Because the majority of CD-Roms will take some time to be produced by the authors, please feel free to contact us if you wish to enquire about a particular soldier, sailor or nurse and the location in which he or she is buried.

Map showing the pre-1974 County boundaries


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