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Alternative names

When searching for Canadian casualties on our site,
please be aware that there could be names that are
misspelt or that the soldier was also known by,
or served under,  a completely different name.

In addition, many names have been transcribed incorrectly from the
Library & Archives personnel files onto other databases including the
Commonwealth War Graves Commission or the
Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

We have attempted to be as accurate as possible in our alphabetical listings but to assist researchers this page also gives many of the alternative names that we have encountered along the way.
For instance when searching for a casualty, a Mac could be listed under Mc or a Whyte shown as White,  Allen as Allan,  Dickson as Dixon, Wood as Woods etc.
One further anomaly is that some French-Canadian names
are shown by the Anglicised version.
ie: Edouard as Edward ,  Henri to Henry,  Moise as Moses.

We invite anyone who may have confirmation of the correct spelling of a name to contact us so that we may research the records and make the appropriate correction.

This table lists all the soldiers who served under alternative names,
plus it shows different spellings of names which may or may not
indicate errors on behalf of the LAC, CWGC or CVWM


Alternative name:

Adrain, James Murray

Adrian, James Murray

Aikman, John Patterson Patterson, John

Aitchison, James

Aitcheson, James

Azzalini,  Aristide

Assalini, Aristide

Baguley, Joseph Plant

Wild, Joseph Plant

Barruzini, Giovanni

Barazine, Giovanni

Beals, George Cockerton

Beales, George Cockerton

Beats, Thomas

MacDonald, James

Belanger, Touissant Albert

Gagnon, Toussant Belanger

Berryman, Lawrence

Berryman, Lambert

Bessig, George Washington

Boesig, George Washington

Boettcher, Hugh Lewis

Boettger, Hugh Lewis

Breen, Norman McDonald

MacDonald, Norman

Chalk, James Edward

McKinnon,  John

Chubb,  Oliver Job

Clark, George John

Chute, Harold R

O’Brien, Harold

Cloutte, Jack Russell

Maloney, Jack Russell

Coan, Frank C

McKenty, Frank

Cock, Gordon Blair

Cox, Gordon Blair

Coming-Singer, George

Coming, George

DeMorney, Francis Randolph

Downey, Dolph Joseph

Doyle, James Galvan

Galvan, James

Fisher, David

Fuciarelli, Diva

Flemming, Thomas William

Williams, Thomas

Fredette, Joseph

Trudel, Paul

Gaudet, Jerome

Goodie, Gerry

Goliat, Emile

Joliat, Emile

Govan, Solomon

Given, Solomon

Gray, Howard Ferguson

Howard, Angus

Ham, Edwin

Wheaton, Edward

Herlehy, David

Herley, David

Hock, Frank William

Hoch, Frank William

Hogue, David Edward

Hogg, David Edward

Ilife, Harry Hardy

Wilson, George Henry

Imlay, Oliver Gilbert

Imley, Oliver Gilbert

Jakazom, Peter

Jazakom, Peter

Jakomolin, John

Chookomolin, John

Janssen, Fredrik

Johnson, Frederick

Kaster, Elmer

Kaester, Elmer

Kelliher, William Joseph

Kelleher, William Joseph

Kelly, John William

Kennaugh, John William

Laing, Arthur

Morgan, Ben

Le Marchant de Trigon, Georges Emile

Milo, Georges

Lewis, Edward

Brown, George

Lister, Guy Carleton

Lester, Guy Carleton

Lloyd-Jones, Albert

Jones, Albert

Lucas, Douglas George Witherington, Douglas George

Mahoney, William Brenton

Hillgrove, William Brenton

McCluskie, James

Hay, Robert

McDonald, Joseph Edward

Hyor, William

McMullin, David Ray

McMillan, David Ray

Michaud, Urgel

Shaw, Frederick

Mitchell, George

Teo, John   &   Distasio, John

O’Neill, Christopher John

Ross, Peter James

Ostlund, Jons Jonsson

Astlund, John

Pettersson, Charles Magnus

Sahlin, Charles

Ponsford, Thomas Edward

Jones, Thomas Edward

Rolfe, Rupert

Selwyn, George

Rygh, Oscar

Ryan, Oscar

Sanctuaire, Napoleon

Santuer, Napoleon

Scott, James

Blandford, John

Smith, William Hamilton Ackman

Hamilton, William

Stonge, Archie Ernest St Onge, Achille Joseph

Sykes, Allen Frederick

Roberts, Arthur F

Tennyson, Ernest Francis

Tennison, Ernest Francis

Todd, Matthew Henry

Burt, John

Vartanian, Ohanas

Vartarian, Ohanas

Vazos, Georges

Vagos, Georges

Wells, William Rudland

Rudland, William

Whitwham, Harry

Whitman, Harry



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